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The Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA) evolved from the comprehensive anti-piracy program that was established by the Motion Picture Association in 1996. The AAA has established full time operations in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Each country is managed by retired Command Police Officers who have taken their many years of enforcement experiences against hard core crime (homicide, narcotics, theft,..) within their respective countries and are applying it to copyright and trademark infringements. The Operation Managers of each country have been nominated to their positions within AAA by the leadership of their respective countries and combined with their extensive network that has been cultivated over the years, facilitates effective enforcement of the law. The AAA basis its comprehensive results orientated program on case management, public relations, training and liaising with the authorities for effective enforcement.

Program dovetailed with Trademark and Copyright owners
Management of Copyright and Trademark infringement cases
Campaigning for effective enforcement
Training seminars
Public relations program

Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance offers anti-piracy and brand protection programs covering all facets of the programs with like minded rights holders in the Copyright and Trademark sectors.

AAA manages anti-piracy programs for various rights holders in the Movies, Interactive Games, Broadcast, Business Software, Publishing, etc., of the Copyright industries.   AAA represents various brand owners and provides brand protection programs for industry sectors such as Sports Goods, Imaging Consumables, Luxury Goods, Building Materials, Consumer products, Automotive products, Toys & Merchandise materials, etc.
Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance spearheaded the UAE National Media Campaign in 2011 to the purpose of creating awareness among UAE consumers.

The clips for the awareness campaign and more details about the campaign can be found here.
UAE in the forefront of fighting piracy..
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